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Advanced Coupon Solution - A Must-Have for Any Store!

Coupon Manager
  • Viking's Coupon Manager has all the bells & whistles — going way beyond the basics of standard features included in your shopping cart.
  • How would you like to generate 10,000 coupons in One-Click? Then export them into a flat file and easily import them into the rewards or mailer program of choice? Our module has you covered.
  • Instant Coupons: Simply add a coupon code to an instant URL link. Once the shopper clicks the link, it will embed the coupon into the shopper's session — saving them an extra step of having to enter it at checkout.
  • Abandoned Cart: How many visitors do you lose daily due to abandoned carts? We have a solution! Price and shipping costs are the top two reasons for abandoned carts. Our software provides you the tools to detect when a shopper is about to close a window or change their URL, giving you that perfect chance to close the sale by presenting a "free shipping" or "special coupon" offering. You could also, simply present a special message to the shopper, such as "Having trouble with your purchase?" or "Call us, we are here to help!" And just like that, you've saved a sale! (All pre-programmed under the Coupon Manager settings.)
  • Special Offers: You already know that cross-selling and up-selling are keys to getting your sales up. But what's the best way to convert? Present a special offer pop-up when the shopper applies a coupon! Customize it to your liking and see the magic happen. The coupon will do everything at once: add a product to cart and auto-apply the discount.
  • And the list of features goes on... Yes, you'll get all of them in this single product (we promised to go beyond the basics, right?):
    • Percentage and Flat-Dollar Discounts
    • Free Shipping Discounts
    • Product and Category Specific Coupons
    • Discounts For the Next # of Shoppers
    • Coupons for Availability and Price Groups
    • Discounts Based on Ship-To Checkout Information
    • Buy One, Get One Free Coupons
    • Loyalty Program Coupons
    • One-Time Offers
    • Import/Export Capabilities
    • Analytics to monitor your coupon's performance
    • Product/Category Inclusions/Exclusions
    • And many more!

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Viking Coders 49100 Conroy Windermere Road, Suite 200, Windermere, FL 34786

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Viking Coders 49100 Conroy Windermere Road, Suite 200, Windermere, FL 34786

(800) 578-5003