How do I edit the MMUI? (Uncompiled stores only - Merchant 4.13 and lower)

Adding modules via hardcoding the MMUI

Note: this method is only applicable to Miva Merchant versions 4.13 and lower (uncompiled.)

The MMUI, or Miva Merchant Look and Feel, is the most commonly used user interface module that comes with Merchant. Unfortunately, it does not provide a means for 3rd party modules to alter the look and feel of a store without actually making code changes to the MMUI module itself (this is the primary benefit of the OpenUI). If you prefer to use the MMUI, you will often have to make edits to the in order to use 3rd party modules. The method is essentially the same with any module.

  • Locate your The will be in the ui/ directory of the active modules/ directory. For versions of Merchant prior to 4.x, there is only one modules/ui/ directory (typically in /Merchant2/modules/ui/). With 4.0 and higher, the modules/ directory will be in a subdirectory corresponding to the version of Merchant installed. For example, if using Merchant 4.13, the will normally be found in /Merchant2/4.13/modules/ui/.

  • Make a backup of your before editing it! We recommend always leaving a backup on the server before making new changes, named by the current date, i.e.

  • Open your MMUI in a plain text editor. Don't attempt to edit your in a WYSIWYG html editor such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver, as they may corrupt the file. Use a plain text editor such as notepad or wordpad for Windows, or BBEdit for Macs. A couple popular more advanced editors for Windows include Editplus and Notetab. has MvTools, a FREE Miva Script editor for Windows.

  • Edit the per the instructions provided with the module, and upload it back to your server. It's recommended to rename the file prior to uploading it, then rename it back once on the server, so as not to cause problems with the store while the file is being transferred.

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