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Error Code: DEN_COUPON-0001

Error Code: DEN_COUPON-0001
Description: This module requires the OpenUI to be installed in your store first

The OpenUI or an alternate user interface module is necessary if you are using compiled Miva Merchant. If you have installed the OpenUI and are seeing this message, it means that you have not correctly completed your OpenUI installation. You will need to read over the isntallation instructions very carefully, especially taking note on the steps describing selecting the OpenUI as your store layout. *Note: do not change your layout without consulting the instructions or you may lose your current store settings. Follow the instructions for backing up your store settings prior to changing the layout.*

If you are using DynamicTemplate Engine for MMUI by COPERNICUS, you will need to also implement the following step in order to bypass the check for the OpenUI:

Using any text editor, create a file named 'vcui.dat', and place it in the mmui data directory, i.e. /Merchant2/0000000x/mmui/vcui.dat"

Last update: 2005-08-02 16:51
Author: Support
Revision: 1.0

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