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Using a Token to Display a "Randomly" Selected Product's Category

Is it possible to display a "randomly" selected product's category information with a token?

This feature was added to the module in (version 4.18c compiled, 4.13 uncompiled).

There are new values you can use in the "type" field of the %random, %list, %rank_sales, and %rank_views tokens:

catname the name of the first category found for that product
catnameL the name linked to the category
catcode the code of the category
catcodeL the code linked to the category
cattitleimage the category's title image
cattitleimageL the title image linked to the category
cattreeimage the category's tree image
cattreeimageL the tree image linked to the category

For example, %random|catname|01|% will display the name of the category for the randomly selected product 01. Note that the category information displayed will be for the FIRST category found associated with that product. So if the product is in multiple categories, the data displayed will before the first one found (as I recall this is in the inverse order of the association with the product; so the last category to which the product was associated should be found first).

Last update: 2003-07-30 22:34
Author: Support
Revision: 1.0

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