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USPS May 12 Rate and API Changes

The "backwards compatible" changes USPS has instituted are not actually backward compatible but so far they seem to have caused minimal damage, apart from the disappearance of "First Class" methods. These are not available as their names have been changed--again! Even the plain old "First-Class Mail" was renamed to "First Class Mail". Obviously the hyphen needed to be removed to reduce costs. Wink

As of 3pm Tuesday, USPS Advanced 5 has been modified to address the issues. USPS Advanced 4 will be updated next. Click the "check for update" link within your module to download the latest version.

After these minor changes, we will look at the available information (USPS docs have not been updated since 2007!) to see what other modifications are needed as we would dearly like to add support for the new international dimensional weights.


Last update: 2008-05-13 15:06
Author: Thor

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