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How to Prompt NEW Affiliates to Make a Choice Or Agreement

How do I prompt new affiliates to make a choice or agree to my affiliate agreeement? 2003/04/11)

With the recent addition of the ability to collect additional data, you can use those additional fields to do this. The secret is that as long as the same field names are used (Field1, Field2, Field3, Field4), you don't need to use the predetermined tokens.

You can use html to add your own form fields rather than using the tokens. For example, to provide your affiliates a choice of how to get paid you could do this:

Tell us below which payment plan you prefer

<input type="radio" name="Field1" value="credit" />I elect to redeem my 20% commissions in credits toward the purchase of Wysong product

<input type="radio" name="Field1" value="quarterly" />I elect to have 10% commissions paid in cash quarterly when they accrue to $100

Or to have them agree to your requirements:

<input type="checkbox" name="Field1" value="yes" /> I agree to the agreement

Last update: 2003-07-30 00:46
Author: Support
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