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Configuring LTL Shipping

How do I configure the "LTL Shipping" options on the module's main admin screen?

"LTL Account Number (optional):" Not required to retrieve LTL rates but if you have negotiated rates with FedEx you'll need to use your account number here to get those rates

"Cutoff Weight for LTL: " is the weight at which the LTL is offered as an option instead of the regular FedEx methods. The way the FedEx servers work, they will offer LTL even for a package weighing only a few pounds. So to prevent that the custoff weight is used to determine what minimum weight LTL will be offered.

"Freight Class: " The "freight class" of the products. The freight classes listed by the module are those listed in the FedEx API documentation. http://freight88.com/NMFC-Codes-Freight_class.html

"Prompt for Options" lets you specify prompts that will be displayed to customers to let them select the various LTL options offered by FedEx. By default the prompt field contains:

<b>LTL Freight options:<b><br>
Lift gate required? %liftgate_checkbox%<br>
Call before delivery? %callbefore_checkbox%<br>
Limited access delivery? %limitedaccess_checkbox%<br>
Residential Delivery? %residential_checkbox%

The contents of the "Prompt for options" field is displayed during checkout with the item:

<mvt:item name="brokfedex_ltl_prompts" />

The tokens %liftgate_checkbox%, %callbefore_checkbox%, etc. display checkboxes relevant to each option and default to "unchecked". They are simply replaced with the html for the checkbox though and you can use the html instead if you need it to default to "checked". For example, the token:


will display the html:

<input type="checkbox" name="LTL_Liftgate" value="Y">

Last update: 2009-08-10 15:07
Author: Michael Brock
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