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How do I configure product specific payouts for each affiliate? I'd like to pay some affiliates more than others for certain products or categories of products.

The "product specific payouts" feature adds "Affiliate Manager" tabs to each category and product's configuration screen.  On each screen you'll find a listing of all affiliates and space to configure for each:

basis:  this is the "basis" for the payout, used to determine what the percentage calculation is based on.  If the "use default" option is selected, then product specific payouts will NOT be used for this product/category.  All product prices, etc. include the attributes and options.

%:  this is the % of the basis credited if this product is ordered.  Calculated as:  (%/100) x (price x quantity)

flat:  this is the "per-product" flat rate amount to be credited.  It is calcualted as (flat x quantity)

In addition, the product's Affiliate Manager tab as an "permit cat. override" column.  If that field is "checked" then the product's configuration will not be used, and instead the category level configuration will be used, if there is one.  If there is not category level configuration, no product-specific configuration will be used for that product/affiliate.

In the column header for some of the options you will find a "fill" link.  When clicked, that link will fill the entire column using the value from the first row.  Similarly, the + and - links will either check all checkboxes, or un-check them.

NOTE that any flat (aka "per order") payout configured for an affiliate (either specifically or on the main "options" tab if the affiliate is configured to use the default) is added even if product-specific payouts are configured for some (or all) products in the order.   Similarly, if the affiliate (either specifically or by default) is configured to have a payout basis of "price paid" then the charges (such as coupons) will be accounted for even if product specific payouts are used.            

The feature is processed in this manner:

When the order is finalized (after the payment is authorized) the module goes through all of the items in the basket, one at a time, and for each product checks to see if there is a product specific payout configured for it.  If one is found, it checks to see if the "permit category over-ride" option is set.  If it is not, that product configuration is used to determine the payout for that product.     If the "permit category override" option is set, or no product specific configuration was found, the module looks for categories to which the product is assigned.  It will take the first category it finds to which the product is assigned and check for a Affiliate Manager configuration for that category.  If one is found, it uses that configuration to determine the payout for that product.  If none is found, the default is used.

Note, that this means that if your product is in more than one category, there is no guarantee that a category level configuration will be found since it may not be the first category found for a product.

Last update: 2008-03-31 21:28
Author: Thor
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