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Alternate ways to display the product and attribute data in exports

When there is an attribute item, why does it export out both a product AND an attribute line? Is there a way to suppress the product line if there is going to be an attribute line with the same information anyway?
There is no way to suppress the product line if there is going to be an attribute. There are a few different ways of going about making it prettier though. You do not have to repeat the product data or order data when you export the products and attributes (that is just the format of the "Merchant Flat File Default" template which copies Merchant's own export format). Have a look at the "Alternate Example". This template does not repeat the order information when exporting the products and attributes. The products are each listed on their own line with attributes below. Another approach is to use the %products% token in the template's "Order area". When this token is used, the contents of the "Product area" and "Attribute area" will be used to format a list of the products but that list will be appended to the order area template to produce a long single line. Not very useful...however you can break that line up by including the special characters &cr;&lf; in the product and attrbute areas. Those characters will add a carriage return and line feed to the exported data. So you can control where the breaks are. Obviously something that would take some experimenting.

Last update: 2008-09-02 18:40
Author: Thor
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