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How do I display data from third party modules in my export? For example, how do I display the note from Inventory Manager?

The Generic Orders Export module can process Merchant 5.x "item tokens" such as <mvt:item name="BROK_INVENTORY" param="note" /> (which will display the inventory note).    That said, most third party modules that store their own data (many store the collected data in merchant's Order Charges database and that data can be displayed with the %order_charge tokens) have not been written specifically to have the contents displayed in GOE with an item token.  So using their tokens in the GOE templates may not work.


It isn't necessary to assign the third party item to the GOE module (and it isn't an option regardless).  GOE will look up the module from the item name and call the appropriate component modue functions to display the data.  The variable l.all_settings will contain the same data as would be found on the BASK screen in Merchant (except here it is for ordered items).

Last update: 2008-05-02 15:58
Author: Thor
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