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How can I set a default price group to use for all customers?

I want all of the transactions using Phone Order Manager to use the same price group, but I may have to change the group for some customers. How can I do this?

The module has the tokens; %pricegrouplist|xxx|%

which both do the same thing, display a list (where xxx is the number of rows in the select list, 0 will be a normal select) of the store's pricegroups with the pricegroups to which customer belongs. But there is another token:


which will display a select list of all of the store's pricegroups, but unlike the other tokens it will not assign the customer to that pricegroup, it will simply effect the price. In addition, this token has the ability for you to set a default. If it's used in the "old way" such as:


the "options" is simply the number of rows for the list. However, you can alternatively provide the default group to use as well a the size:


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