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What does the "Offer alternative method when free UPS Ground is offered" option do?

This option lets you offer an alternative method to the customer if they receive UPS Ground. As it was described to me, this is to be used like Amazon does.  When you receive free shipping, Amazon adds a low cost shipping method which is ostensibly faster (eg. it is listed as Ground, 3-5 days, when the free Ground rate is listed as 5-7 days).

Right below the "Available Shipping Methods:" section in the module's admin is an option to "Offer "alternative" method when free UPS Ground is offered?".  To have the alternative method offered when UPS Ground is free (i.e. when it is displayed as 0.00) check that box.   Below that are fields to configure the name to be displayed for the method ("Alternative" method name:") and the ranges used to determine the cost ("Alternative" method ranges:).

The cost ranges are to be entered as: top1:cost1|top2:cost2|top3:cost3|etc.  For example, if you want to configure the cost such that:

150    7.49
250   14.49
350   24.49
450   34.49
450+  44.49

you would enter:  150:7.49|250:14.49|350:24.49|450:34.49|99999:44.49

Note that to represent the "over 450" range you would enter a very high number, in this case 99999, for the "top". If there is no range under which the subtotal falls then the alternative method will not be added.

If the cost for the alternative method ends up being $0, then it will not be offered.  So, if you want to offer the alternative method only if the subtotal is over 149.99 you could add a range 149.99:0 to your configuration.  Adding this to the above example you would have:


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Author: Thor
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