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Can you shed more light on how to configure the "Pack together" feature so that 10 of my products are packed together and mailed from the same zip code?

If you have 10 products and you want those 10 products to ship together from the same zip code then there are two basic ways to go about it:

1) assign (in the normal Merchant way of assigning products to categories) all of the products to the same category (and again it does not make any difference if this category is a sub-category) and make sure that all of them are configured (on their UPS Custom Integration tab) so that the "Permit Category settings to override?" option is selected. Then on the category to which those products are assigned, go to the UPS Custom Integration tab and make sure that the option to "Pack Products together" is selected. With this configuration all products in that category will be packaged together and shipped from the zip code and using the options configured for that category.

2) This approach has each individual product specifically configured to be packed with a particular category. The products do NOT actually need to be in the category and the category doesn't have to be active in the store. It's not uncommon to create a category specifically to configure it's UPS Custom Integration options so that products can be configured to ship together by that configuration and not have the category visible in the store.

Go to the chosen category's UPS Custom Integration tab and configure it so that the "Pack Products together" option is selected. Configure the shipping options the way that you want. Then go to each of the products that you want to ship together using the category's configuration and make sure that each is configured on its UPS Custom Integration tab so that the "Permit Category settings to override?" option is not selected and so that the "Pack With:" option is selected and the category is selected in the drop down list next to that option.

With this configuration all products which are configured to "Pack with:" the category will be packed together and shipped using the shipping options configured for that category.

Last update: 2007-05-10 10:24
Author: Brok
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