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On the basket pages I would like to display the total w/ the shipping included but NOT with the tax included. Is this possible?

(2004/10/02)Currently, you can either display the total total (i.e. product subtotal + all charges including tax and shipping) with %baskettotalallF% or you can display just the product subtotal (without the charges) with %baskettotalF%. There is no token for the product w/ some charges but not others.

That said, the basket subtotal is stired in the global variable g.Basket_Total
The total total, in the global variable g.BasketTotalAll.
The tax total in the global variable, g.Basket_TotalTax
The shipping in the global variable, g.Basket_TotalShipping
and other charges in the variable, g.Basket_TotalCharges


g.BasketTotalAll = g.Basket_Total + g.Basket_TotalCharges + g.Basket_TotalTax + g.Basket_TotalShipping

All of that said, you can display the total w/out the tax with:

%var|g.BasketTotalAll - g.Basket_TotalTax|%

Last update: 2004-12-10 09:28
Author: Support
Revision: 1.0

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