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Can the module be used with the MMUI?

It can. Of course, like most of my modules that would require a modification to the mmui.mv. I can provide you with a marked up copy of the mmui.mv if you want. I use ExamDiff Pro to compare the marked up copy with the mmui.mv to be modified; it makes moving the modifications over pretty simple.

For displaying the "share it" links themselves, another, easier but more sophisticated, approach would be to add code to the mmui.mv which mvdoes the module's Third party token function and simply pass the "position" and "module" to it. So in effect you'd be using "third party tokens" option. For example, this would display the "share it" link for the product currently being pointed to in the Products database:

<MvDO FILE="BROK_SHAREIT.mv" NAME="l.string" VALUE="{TemplatePages_Token('','product')}">
<MvEVAL EXPR="{l.string}">

If you take that approach, then the only other modification you would need to make to the mmui.mv would be the hook for 'l.smod_id EQ 39' in the UI_Module_Dispatch function.

Last update: 2005-01-12 08:57
Author: Support
Revision: 1.0

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