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Free and Paid Support Policy

Updated Support Policies 10/18/2010:


30 Days Free Installation Support
All Viking Coders modules come with 30 days of free installation support via our web based helpdesk. All other support requests, including licensing support, configuration and troubleshooting require a paid support plan. Free installation and paid support is available Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM Pacific, exluding government holidays.

Latest Module Version Support Only
Due to the dynamic nature of our products, we release updates and bug fixes on a regular basis. If you think you've found a bug or are experiencing a functional issue with our software, most likely we've already discovered and fixed it! As a result we ONLY accept support requests for the LATEST version of our software. You MUST update to the latest version prior to requesting support.

License Key Resets
NOTE: License keys are issued per-store, you cannot use the same license key in more than one store. In the event you require a license key reset either for a development store installation or for any other "lost key" issue, we charge a $50 one time fee for any license reset. Licenses may not be resold or registered outside of the original store of installation, though may be transferred to a new store owner in the event of the sale of your online store. Development license resets are only permitted for stores ending in the same domain name (eg,

Product Support vs. Consulting
Please understand that many of our modules are extremely complex, allowing for many different configurigations and even uses that we did not imagine. Therefore our product support is limited to assisting you in understanding what may be accomplished and how, not actually performing configuration services. In general, product support will be limited to installation, minor database repairs and "how do I" questions.

Excluding simple database repairs or minor settings changes, the general litmus test for support versus consulting will be whether or not we need to log into your store to review or change configurations in order to assist you in solving your problem. If so, your issue must be handled on a consulting basis. Additionally, any request that involves multiple modules (whether owned by Viking or any other vendor) will require consulting services.

Legacy Product Support
IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING MIVA MERCHANT 4 AND DISCONTINUED PRODUCTS: Miva announced the end of life of Miva Merchant 4 to be December 31, 2010. Other than the free 30 days installation support, we no longer provide direct support service for discontinued products such as Miva Merchant 4 modules. Any issue related to Miva Merchant 4 modules require consulting services, minimum 1 hour at $95/hr. For consulting services for your MM4 store, please contact

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