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How can I place TinyCart and/or History Helper somewhere other than the category tree (OpenUI Token how-to)?

If you are using the OpenUI, you can register an OpenUI Token for it, then embed the TinyCart and/or History Helper as a token into any header/footer/etc. The method is basically the same as embedding it as a token with our Page Template modules.

To register an OpenUI Token for the module, click the OpenUI Tokens tab in your store settings, and add a new token. Use DEN_TINYCART for the module code, and, say, the same for the token name. Then the following two tokens are available:

%module|DEN_TINYCART|basket|% (for the TinyCart)
%module|DEN_TINYCART|recent|% (for the History Helper)

Note: When using OpenUI Tokens in headers/footers/etc., the field must start with %OUI% to turn on tokens. More info is available in the OpenUI docs at openui.org.

Last update: 2004-02-02 19:23
Author: Support
Revision: 1.0

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