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During checkout all of the fields I have configured for a payment method are displaying in bold even though some of them are not required. Why?

This is, unfortunately, the way Merchant displays ALL payment fields. It assumes that all payment fields are required and displays all of them in bold. Payment modules, Xtrafields included, simply pass a list of prompts to display to Merchant and Merchant in turn displays those to the customer, in bold, to prompt for the payment information.

There is a work around though. Since Merchant always adds .. around the prompt, you can add a closing to the beginning of the prompt and a to the end, so that the tags added by Merchant are closed and do not bold the prompt.

For example, in your store you can change the prompt:

Reference Number

to not print in bold by changing the prompt to:

Reference Number

Last update: 2007-09-28 12:44
Author: Brok
Revision: 1.0

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