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Installation Instructions

What are the steps for installing this Payment Module?

To install the main module:

1. If you want to ftp the module file (BROK_XTRAFIELDS.mv) to your server, do so now. For convenience, place it into the /modules/payment/ directory.

* In a 2.x or 3.x store, the full path to this directory would be Merchant2/modules/payment/.

* In a 4.x store, the full path is Merchant2/4.xx/modules/payment/ (where 4.xx is your Merchant version).

Note: Your Merchant scripts might NOT be installed in a directory called Merchant2/. Although most setups use this directory. If yours uses a different directory, make sure you put the module there.

2. Enter into admin and expand >Modules in the left frame.

3. Click on the link to "Add Module"

4. In the right frame, you'll see a text entry field with an "upload module" button next to it. If you ftp'd the BROK_XTRAFIELDS.mv file to your server, enter the path to that file into the text field (usually modules/payment/BROK_XTRAFIELDS.mv). Click on the "add" button. If you did not ftp the file to the server, click on the 'upload' icon next to the text entry field. this will pop up a small window. Enter the path to the file on your local computer or click on the "browse" button to browse your hard drive to find it. After you have the path in the text entry field click on the "upload" key. When you're back to the right frame, click on the "Add" button. After a short delay, you should see a notification that the module was installed and you will see it at the bottom of the list of installed modules in the left frame.

5. The module is now installed into your "mall", but it still needs to be installed into your store. Expand >Stores and then expand >(your store).

6. Click on the link to Payment Configuration in the left frame and, in the right frame, you will see a list of payment modules currently installed into the mall. Those modules which are installed into your store will have a check in the box next to the module's name.

7. Put a check next to the module's name (Payment w/ Configurable Fields), and click on the "Update" button. You will now see a new tab for the module at the top, and the message that the configuration has been updated (at the bottom).

Congratulations! It's installed.

Last update: 2003-07-31 21:10
Author: Support
Revision: 1.0

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