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Can I display the certificate redemption field in the Phone Order Manager (http://vikingcoders.com/go.mv?ID=BROK_PHONEORDERS) interface?

(2003/10/31)Yes. You'll need to make sure that you have the latest version of the Phone Order Manager module installed. Further information on integrating this module (as well as other "third party tokens") can be found in the FAQ file for the Phone Order Manager. It is important that you read that FAQ to make sure that you have configured that module correctly as it may require modifications to the templates.

After the modification is made to the template, you will need to "register" the Gift Certificate Manager with the Phone Order Manager module. Go to the new "third party tokens" tab. In the "Module code" field enter "BROK_CERTIFICATES" and in the "token" field also enter "BROK_CERTIFICATES" (without the quotes in both cases). Then click on "update". After updating, the module will be listed there and there will be a link, on the right side of teh row, to instructions on using the tokens. In addition, you need to enter the token:

%module|BROK_CERTIFICATES|redeem|% in the "'Process update' tokens:" field on the "third party tokens" tab, then click on "update"

To add the tokens to the template, you would add to the "main page template" (on the "main page" tab) something like:


Gift Certificates: %module|BROK_CERTIFICATES|display|%

The tokens:

%module|BROK_CERTIFICATES|display|% placed in the Phone Order Manager's "main page template to display the field to collect the gift certificate key.

%module|BROK_CERTIFICATES|error|% placed in the "main page template" to display any error message generated by the Gift Certificate Manager module.

This will display the Coupon Manager's field to collect the coupon code.

Last update: 2004-12-09 13:04
Author: Support
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