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How do I restrict the use of a certificate to a particular product (or How do limit a certificate so that it cannot be used on a particular product)?

(2003/12/06)On the "options" tab, there is a field "Applicable products:" which you can use to limit the use of the certificates. Into this field, you enter the product codes of the products separated with the | character (with a trailing and leading |). So to limit the certificate to be applicable to only the product with code dog, you would enter |dog|. To limit it to both cat and dog, you would enter |cat|dog|. Below the "Applicable products" field, there are options: "permit use ONLY on these products" and "do NOT permit to be used on these products". If the first option is selected, the certificate will be usable only for hte purchase of the products in the field. If the second option is selected, the certificate will NOT be able to be used towards the purchase of the products.

In addition to the default settings on the "options" tab (which are used when a new certificate type is created) each individual certificate type has it's own set of options for this.

Keep in mind that any changes made to the certificate type will affect only certificate keys created after the changes are made.

Last update: 2004-12-09 13:03
Author: Support
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