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How do I prevent shipping from being charged when someone purchases a gift certificate?

(2003/12/07)Unfortunately, the module isn't capable of changing how shipping is charged. This is in the hands of the shipping module that you're using. You'll have to adjust the way you're charging shipping to account for this. Some merchants use a shipping module, such as our Shipping by Subtotal module (and other developers offer similar capabilities), which let you configure some products, in this case the certificates, to have free shipping. Other merchants switch to a weight-based shipping module and simply assign the gift certificate to have a zero weight.

You can use Merchant's standard "Weight table based shipping" module to offer a "free" shipping option only if the customer purchases a gift certificate. You set the first range to have a ceiling weight of .01 (or some other weight more than the gift certificate and less than your lightest product) and a 0.00 change. Do not set any other ranges. Then if a person purchases only a gift certificate the total weight will be 0.00 and fall below the ceiling for this first range. If they purchase any other items, the range will be exceeded and since there are no other ranges no shipping will be calculated by this module.

Last update: 2004-12-09 13:02
Author: Support
Revision: 1.0

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