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Can I exclude products in certain categories from the search results?

(2004/09/10)I have added this capability to the module. It works a similar manner to the ability to restrict the results to certain categories (i.e. same tokens etc., the only difference being that it excludes the category).

This is done by adding tokens to the main template. The tokens:

%catexclude|hidden|catcode|% will exclude from the search results products in the category with the category code "catcode". To exclude products from more than one category, list multiple category codes for the catcode, separating each by commas (eg. catcode1,catcode2,catcode3). In the alternative, you can have a separate token for each category that you want to restrict the search to.

%catexclude|checkbox|catcode|% will offer the customer the option to exclude products from the category with "catcode". Multiples of this token can be used to present multiple checkboxes and the customer can select more than one.

%catexclude|radio|catcode|% will offer the customer the option to exclude products from the category with this catcode. However, the option will be displayed as a radio button. If you use multiple of this type of token, they customer will be able to choose only one category to exclude.

%begin_catexclude%<Select one>|catcode1|catcode2|catcode3|%end_catexclude% will display a drop down selection list from which the customer can choose a category to exclude from the search. The content between the %begin_catexclude% and %end_catexclude% are used to create the drop down list. The first item in that list is the "select one" option and choose it will have NO affect on the search. If you do not want to have a "select one" option simply begin the list with the delimiter |.

Last update: 2005-01-12 08:54
Author: Support
Revision: 1.0

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