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I would like to make some checkboxes that essentially replace the search text box. in doing so, i would control the search terms. is there a way that i could make a text box that says "apple", and if they check it, and hit search, it will search my products for any that contain the word "apple", even if they don't type in any search terms themselves?

(2003/11/06)Yes, you can add the field (this requires that the "use template formatting" option is being used):

<input type="checkbox" name="Search_search" value="apple" />

to the search form (by adding it to the template. I.e. you could put it next to the %searchbox% token or replace that token with the field.

The "Search_search" field is the field that carries the search term to the module. So this checkbox, if selected would search for "apple". Since it is possible to "concatenate" search terms with this module, you can actually have a set of checkboxes and the customer can check off which terms they want:

<input type="checkbox" name="Search_search" value="apple" /> Apple
<input type="checkbox" name="Search_search" value="orange" /> Orange
<inptu type="chedkbox" name="Seach_search" value="banana" /> Banana

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