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Malfunctioning Search Field Using %searchbox|xx|% and Search List Using %begin_searchlist%...%

I have a search field using the %searchbox|xx|% token and a search list using %begin_searchlist%...%end_searchlist% but after the customer searches for a term selected from the drop down list it appears in the search box and then if they select another term from the list the search doesn't work.

What's happening is that the second search is searching for both of the terms. There are several ways to fix this. One is to change the token for the text search field to %searchbox1% (i.e. add the 1 to it). This will cause the term from the drop down to not populate that field.

I have also just modified the module to add a token %begin_searchlist#%...%end_searchlist%. Like the
%searchbox#|xx|% token, this lets you number the searchlists so only their value will show up in them (i.e. after the search is submitted, the term the customers selected from the list will dispalys as selected). So you could use the regular %searchbox|xx|% token to display your search field and this token to display the search lists. Then no fields from the select lists would be displayed in the search box.

For example:


This would display two separate select lists.

Last update: 2003-07-31 00:45
Author: Support
Revision: 1.0

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