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Displaying Category And Product Search Results Side-By-Side

I would like to display my category search results and my product search results side-by-side rather than vertically. How would I go about it?

It should work. You would simply need an outer table in the main template area such as (some tokens and tags such as %begin_ifcatresults%...%end_ifcatresults% removed for simplicity):



(put current %begin_ifnotresults%..%end_ifnotresults% and %begin_ifresults%...%end_ifresults% stuff here)


The inner table around the results would let you keep the same code of block as in the default template. Simply putting the table around it. So taking the entire block of code in the default template from the %begin_ifnoresults% tag to the final %end_ifresults% tag and putting into the above table structure should align the cat and prdouct results side by side.

Last update: 2003-07-31 00:35
Author: Support
Revision: 1.0

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