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The %begin_catrestrict....%end_catrestrict% token Displays the Category Code to the Customer. Won't that be Confusing?

The %begin_catrestrict....%end_catrestrict% token displays the category code to the customer. Won't that be confusing?

That probably should NOT work that way (my test stores all have descriptive category codes so I missed the forest for the trees). I definitely see that displaying the category code isn't the way it should be done (at least for most stores). So I have modified the module a bit (in version 4.40c, compiled, and 4.42, uncompiled) and added a token:

I added %begin_catrestrict_name%default|code1|code1|..%end_catrestrict_name% token which is used the same was as the current %begin_catrestrict%...%end_catrestrict% tokens except instead of displaying the category code, it displays the corresponding category name.

I modified%begin_catrestrict%...%end_catrestrict% so that instead of using the form %begin_catrestrict%default|code1|code2|code3|%end_catrestrict% it lets you use teh format:


when this format is used, the code# is what is added in the form but the name# is what is actually displayed to the customer. Note that this token will default to it's original form of displaying the code if the :name# portion is left off.

Last update: 2003-07-31 00:27
Author: Support
Revision: 1.0

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