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When Attempting to Rebuild my Databases, I get an error that the file can't be found

When I attempt to rebuild my databases (on the "rebuild data" tab) I get an error that the file can't be found. Is this caused by the way I have Merchant set up? My merchant.mv file is in my script root:


and my module root is /Merchant2/

The problem is definately the way you have your Merchant directories set up. The module attempts to figure out the direct path to itself by taking the path to merchant.mv:


Then cropping off the executable:

It then adds to this the Merchant version, eg. /4.12/ and the path to the module so it ends up wth the path:


In a normal Merchant store, the version subdirectory is in the same directory as the excecutable so it works. In this case it obviously does not.

Unfortunately, I don't see any way to modify the module to generically account for this particular setup of Merchant. So you will need to either put a copy of the module where Merchant is looking for it:


or modify the module file (only an option in Merchant versions < 4.14; otherwise contact me and I can customize the module for you) by adding the line:

immediately before the line in the "ThisScript"function:

So it would look like:

Last update: 2003-07-31 00:23
Author: Support
Revision: 1.0

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