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How to Log What Customers Search For

Is there any way to log what customers search for?

This feature was added in version 4.44c (compiled) and 4.45 (uncompiled).

After upgrading, you'll find an option at the bottom fo the "Options" tab to "Generate log file?". If this options is checked off, all searches will be logged to a text file. The path to the log file is entered into teh "log file name" field. This path is relative to the data root. By default the file is named searches.dat and located in the store's export directory (if it does not exist it will be created).

The "Export template" is the format used for each line (i.e.once per search) of the export. Tokens can be used and should be separated by the delimiter that you want to use in your flat file. In the default, the export template is:


This template will export something like:

2003/06/19 12:00:00|bananas
2003/06/19 12:00:30|kumquat

The tokens that can currently be used in the export template:

%date% displays the date and time
%searchterms% displays the search terms
%customer_id% displays the customer's id if they are logged in
%basket_id% displays the customer's basket id
%session_id% displays the customer's session_id

Last update: 2003-07-31 00:02
Author: Support
Revision: 1.0

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