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What does the "Add all products in ctgy:" option do?

This option will load all of the selected category's products into the cart with a quantity of 0 when the Phone Order Manager interface is first started up.  This might be used in the situation where you have only a short list of products for sale or to add "upsale" items to the basket like catatalogs, etc.

 Note that it's not necessary  that the category be active.  So you could create a category specifically for this task and make it inactive so it does not show up in the store.

 You can add a "delete all 0 quantity items" button to the interface with the token:


 This will add a checkbox which when checked and the "update" button clicked will delete all of hte 0 quantity items from the basket.  to work this function just needs the varialbe DeleteZeroQuantity passed in the form with a value of 1 so other methods of passing this in the form (such as by a dedicated button using javascript) would work.

Last update: 2008-02-08 15:55
Author: Thor
Revision: 1.0

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