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Application timed out

This entry is relevant to many situations, not just the module it is listed for

The error message may be longer but if it includes "Application timed out" the issue is the same. Miva did not complete the task it was performing within the alloted time. This is a message coming directly from the Miva engine. It is not something that can be changed by a module. You will need to contact your host in order to increase the timeout setting. If you have a dedicated server, you may also be able to fix this yourself. Miva's documentation for the VM (virtual machine)/Empresa explain the setting:


When Miva Empresa has completed processing the information in the global configuration file and begins to execute an active document, it sets a global timer for the number of seconds specified by this variable. After the set number of seconds has elapsed, Miva Empresa enters exit mode, closes all files, logs the exit, and terminates. This helps in preventing processes from running too long. Miva Empresa's default value is 90 seconds and can be overridden by setting this variable. Set this variable to 0 if you would like no global time-out to be set.

* value format: seconds, defaults to 90 seconds

If you are using uncompiled Miva, you will likely have a binary named "miva" and an accompanying configuration file named "miva.conf"; if compiled, it will likely be "mivavm" and "mivavm.conf". You can edit the .conf file in any text editor or via the command line on your server. Add an entry such as:


Note that using '0' (zero) will give you an infinite timeout. This is often helpful for if yuo have not packed for a long time however it's not really a good idea to leave the setting at zero. Change it back once you have packed. You may also run into other issues, such as Apache timeouts.

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