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No Status Emails are sent or received

When updating statuses, customers are not receiving the emails.

There are several possible reasons why emails may not be sent to the customer. Please follow these steps to determine the problem you are having.

Note that if you are using an import tool (such as the Import Module or Order Manager), importing status and tracking numbers will not trigger the emails automatically.

1. Check for any errors returned when you update a status. these will commonly appear at the top of the screen after hitting update, and normally indicate the issue.

2. In the Status Options section, make sure you have entered an email address for the status emails to be sent FROM.

3. When updating statuses, make sure the Send Email Box is checked. Note that there's an option in the module's admin that allows emails to be sent ONLY if the status has changed - if you have that option checked, you need to change the status for the email to be triggered. Otherwise, no attempt will be made.

4. If it's sporadic and there are no errors, but the customer isn't receiving the email, check their email address. It's not that uncommon for customer's to enter an incorrect address. Also have them check any Spam or Junk filters on their email program or server.

If none of these resolves the issue, please open a support ticket, and if there is an error on the screen, copy and paste it's contents so we can better determine the issue.

Last update: 2006-06-05 17:57
Author: Support
Revision: 1.0

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