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Is it possible to add a search field to the Order Status page when using template formatting?

(2003/07/21) Yes, there are tokens available to add this functionality. All of these must appear between the %beginform% and %endform% tokens in the main template.

The token to add the search box to the template is:

%searchbox% (displays 20 chars long) OR
%searchbox|xxx|% (where xxx is the length)

The "search" button is displayed with:


You can add the ability to search by date (or date range) with:
%search_date% (displays a checkbox option that will apply the search to a particular date)

%search_month1% (lower end of range; selection list for month)
%search_month2% (upper end of range)
%search_year1% (selection list for year)
%search_day1% (selection list for day of month)

So to add a search box to the template and provide the ability to search by a particular date range(if both are set to the same date it will search just that date) you could add the following to the main template, right below the %beginform% token:


%searchbox% %searchbutton%
%search_date% Search dates: from %search_month1%/%search_day1%/%search_year1% to

Last update: 2004-12-09 13:38
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