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How do I display the redemptions from our coupon module in the order details and in the invoice?

(2003/11/12)here are tokens available in the details template to display "Order charges", which is where the information from coupon (and gift certificate) modules are usually stored:

%orderchargedesc% (the description of the charge)
%orderchargeamountF% (the amount; formatted using the currency module)
%orderchargeamount% (the amount, unformattted)

If there is more than one order charge you can display them with:


I didn't maintain very good consistency when adding tokens to this module. The tokens for use within the label template are different! They are:


to display the charges in their order (i.e. %chargeprice1% will display the first non-tax, non-shipping charge found in the database.

You can use the token %charge|desc or price|module code|% to display particular module's charge. So if the coupon module has the module code, coupon, then to display the description and price, respectively, the tokens would be:


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