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How can my customers track their UPS orders with Order Status Manager WITHOUT me having to re-key in those long UPS tracking numbers?

(2004/11/17)(submitted by Gordon Moe of eBirdseed.com): In addition to tracking orders by tracking number, UPS also allows
tracking by the REF1 field. This can be accomplished with tokens
recently added to Order Status Manager. Follow the two steps below:

1. WorldShip / UPS has a field call REF1. Adjust your means for getting
your order data into WorldShip so that your Merchant order number is
input into this field. (We use Viking's Generic Order Export which is
then imported into WorldShip. My guess is that most of the offline
order management systems could do this as well (ie. Stone Edge,
ShipWorks, etc.)) You could also key it manually into WorldShip.

2. After you have placed the Merchant order number into the REF1 field,
your work is done! well almost. Create a URL on the Options > Details
Page > Products template box as shown below:

NOTE: substitute "YourUPSAccountNumber" in the URL below with your
actual UPS account number

<TD ALIGN = "center" VALIGN = "middle">
umber&track=TRACK">tracking via order number</a>

Clicking the link defined above sends them directly to their UPS
tracking page.

The URL above is essentially accomplishing what this page does at

The beauty is that you never have to type in another UPS tracking
number into Order Status Manager.

submitted by Gordon Moe of eBirdseed.com

Last update: 2004-12-09 13:19
Author: Support
Revision: 1.0

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