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Providing Customer With Ability to Reorder Contents of an Order

Is it possible to provide the customer with the ability to reorder the contents of an order? (2003/05/12)

This is possible as of version 4.52c (compiled) and version 4.51 (uncompiled). With this upgrade I added the ability to use "templates and tokens" formatting of the order status (listing of customer's orders) and order details pages. You will find that option near the top of the "options" tab. With that option selected, two new tabs are added where the templates for the respective pages can be configured. Those familiar with my Category Page Templates and Product Page Templates modules will have no trouble using and configuring the templates. I do not yet have a list of available tokens but the default template closely mirrors the previous format.

With the ability to use "templates and tokens" formatting, I added the ability to reorder from the order details page. There are various tokens that you can use for this:

The following tokens can be used in the "Products template" on the "Details page" tab:

%addtobasket%: displays a checkbox which will let the customer select that product to be added to their basket

%addquantity%: displays a text field into which a customer can add how many of that product to add to their basket. If this token is NOT used, then you can use the token:

%quantity|xxx|% which adds a hidden field to the form which will add xxx (eg. 003) of that product to the basket. If neither of these quantity tokens are added, the quantity in the order is used as the default quantity to be added to the basket.

The following tokens can be used in the "Order details page main template" on the "Details page" tab:

%addall_button%: displays a button which will add all products in the order to the customer's basket

%add_button%: displays a button which will add only those selected products to the customer's basket

to give the customer the option to add the entire order to their basket, simply add the token %addall_button% to the "Order details page main template".

Last update: 2003-07-30 01:31
Author: Support
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